My NEW JerryRig Knife! - How did I get my scars?!
YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! WE ARE SOLD OUT! YOU CAN STILL ORDER --- IT WILL JUST SHIP AT THE END OF JANUARY 2021: If you've been looking for the coolest Razor Blade Utility Knife ever, look no farther. I've made my own. The JerryRig Knife has an all metal design, and easy swap blade system that can change blades in seconds. Utility blades can be found all over the world for pennies apiece. I'm a huge fan. And I hope you like it as well.
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LARGE tool kit:
Travel Tool Kit:
Green Pry tool:
Metal phone opening tool:
Replacement phone parts:
The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
Wide angle lens:
And this Metabones adapter:
This is the drone I use:
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  • tehbilbo79

    i've carried a Gerber razor blade knife as a daily for over 15 years now.

  • hisokat

    hexagon is the bestagon


    you missed a scar!!!!

  • pablo Hernandez
    pablo Hernandez

    remember Jesus die on a cross for our sins and rose again repent get saved he is coming soon God bless you all 💘🙏❤

  • t0dmacher

    Is the clip reversible? Seems to be set up for left hand, tip down carry.

  • NeverStopLearning

    May order one even though they are backordered until June :(

  • utahnate

    My order should have been here months ago. Still no knife?? What gives??

  • Perkaholic

    actually useful nice and budget merch congrats! earnt my respect

  • Epic Music
    Epic Music

    "You wanna know how I got these scars?"

  • Rossella Daneluzzi
    Rossella Daneluzzi

    Best your knife

  • John MartinII
    John MartinII

    Only issue with everyone of you’re videos (as a razor knife guy myself) is none of the blades are stainless steel unless you are specifically buying (more expensive) stainless steel blades

  • Automatic Enforcer
    Automatic Enforcer

    Should’ve used bronze washers

  • Simo Karuse
    Simo Karuse


  • KSI Revelations
    KSI Revelations

    Thanks but I still have one of the Old school Throwback Kobalt Jerryrigeverything Knives.

  • DoctorF1984

    A New knife for scratchin sissy

  • Young Master
    Young Master

    In Pakistan we can get exact knife for less than $4

  • Nooby

    *Humanity is Gods DIY project*

  • The T & B Channel
    The T & B Channel

    I’m so sad all I thought about in getting his knife 🔪 was to get get the blade out of it I’m sorry if you understand this...

  • kenny coppola
    kenny coppola

    My personal favorite box cutter is the Milwaukee Fastback, I like it because it’s a solid knife (survive a 20’ fall onto concrete), it locks closed, and can be opened with one hand.

  • Kamran Hussain
    Kamran Hussain

    I just ordered one 🔥 the delivery costs more then the knife itself.. 🥲

  • Saiful Ace
    Saiful Ace

    I wanna buy that knife 😫

  • דניאל כהן
    דניאל כהן

    will you ship the knife across the world or us only (im from israel and can't get nothing to here hhhh )

  • Артем Барбашев
    Артем Барбашев

    Just use a normal folding knife lulW

  • Itsmejak 78
    Itsmejak 78

    Dankpods knows whats up

  • ZebraNeighbor


  • Mr Evilduck
    Mr Evilduck

    Wanna know how I got these scars?

  • Bart Van Riel
    Bart Van Riel

    Should have phosphor bronze washers instead of nylon and use the much more common t6 or t8 instead of the t7

  • Kendall Lent
    Kendall Lent

    Thought I had lost mine when it was in my bookbag all along. Well I took that bookbag on a vacation trip to Arizona and didn't know it was in there. TSA at the Cincinnati airport just took the blade out and let me keep the knife. Well I forgot about it again and didn't put it in my checked bag for the flight back. Went through security at the Pheonix airport and they took the knife even without the blade. Their reasoning being that the small razor blades could be hidden anywhere and are hard to find through the scanner. Like me, a 17 year old kid, would be hiding razor blades and a knife to take on a plane. I get they're doing their job just mad at myself for being a dumbass and not putting it in my checked bag and mad they weren't chill about it like Cincinnati 😂

  • BusH

    Tap my profile picture something special for you

  • Tyler Turner
    Tyler Turner

    Clicked on the link expecting the knife to be at least $35-40 but was surprise at the price of $14.95

  • amar Jeet123
    amar Jeet123

    Its harmfull be alert while using

  • Mr.Burning Skull
    Mr.Burning Skull

    JRE word of the day "i dont want any angry emails from moms with 9 fingered kids"

  • The Green Wolf
    The Green Wolf

    Are you plan on make more color?

  • Daniel Mao
    Daniel Mao

    Lado puu Sako bang to whoever reads this

  • dashin

    skin cuts at a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7

  • DR bricks Lego
    DR bricks Lego

    Am I the only one getting old 'King of Random' vibes?

  • Toby French
    Toby French

    dull knives are sooo much more dangerous than sharp, cos you have to put more force behind it. got many scars on my hands from work cos of that xD

  • AE world
    AE world

    Jerry u showed this to the wrong geniration

  • AdoH

    He said that his Grandpa's name was Jerry.. so he used his name on this channel to remember of him (maybe) that is actually very wholesome

  • M. Raj gaming
    M. Raj gaming

    Brother, I am a Bangladeshi citizen. I am your big friend brother I like you a lot I have seen you make many kinds of mobile videos but I have seen yours

  • Bob Free
    Bob Free

    Why didn’t you take the razor out while taking it apart?!

  • Amer Gamer
    Amer Gamer

    I JUST cut my self while fiddling with my own razorblade knife when watching the video, so I guess he is truly jerry rig everything

  • DeathW!sh

    I’ve always said a dull knife Is more dangerous than a sharp knife


    I bought one from STANLEY that’s really solid. Bought this thing at least 2 years ago. Did corporations end up using some of your thoughts? Or did they just happen to get better since then? Cuz this thing is super solid. I did the unopened shake test, nothin. It’s got a bar to help open the thing that works perfectly. Then while open, there’s zero shaking of the blade. I’ve used it for at least a year or 2 now. I reversed the blade once when my wife used it on metal. But this thing has been awesome.

  • finnthehuman

    @jerry rig everything

  • Rohan Gowda
    Rohan Gowda

    Wait sex--what?

  • leo straker
    leo straker

    oh yeah, replace those plastic washers with Phosphor bronze washers and you will have way better action while opening/closing

  • Oleg Yefremov
    Oleg Yefremov

    Great tool. I just can't leave my spyderco smock behind.

  • Sasunive

    What about making a red version?

  • Cameron Beckett
    Cameron Beckett

    A sharp knife is a safe knife

  • Young Harp
    Young Harp

    The worthless chain univariately judge because vegetable preferably shop near a tasty blinker. early, wide wind

  • Phoenix SP
    Phoenix SP

    Can we buy copy's of it?

  • TheMule

    I use one that has 2 positions one that is open but next to the handle for boxes

  • Sasha Baugh
    Sasha Baugh

    I think crocodile Dundee might have something to say about you calling that a knife.

  • Hαjis

    this is the most legit review i' ve ever seen

  • Coyote girl
    Coyote girl

    All right it’s time for the burn test as you see the pixels are dead because there are none and the pixels never recovered because they’re still not there

  • Emma

    This knife would be cool in black

  • Harrison Hoffman
    Harrison Hoffman

    I have had a lot of small cuts with my knives but the only time I needed stiches was with a sowing tool

  • Mr Moose
    Mr Moose

    20% scars 80 NIF

  • Gaming Ninja
    Gaming Ninja

    He specified on accidentally like does someone cut themselves purposefully

  • Hiili Mies
    Hiili Mies

    Just got mine! It took quite awhile but it was worth the wait for every bit. And spare blades that were included in the box.. I think I've finally found a knife that will last me for a decade. Extremely well built and feels really solid!

  • Torpe Envy
    Torpe Envy

    it looks a little like a Spider Co knife

  • Mr. lollylolol
    Mr. lollylolol

    I just watched a man unbox and review a razor blade..........

  • Apple Is cool
    Apple Is cool

    Kids listen to your parents when they tell you not to play with knives


    Still waiting for mine to arrive in australia when I ordered mid jan, cant even track it so Im a bit worried it didnt get through customs rip

  • Levi Lavis
    Levi Lavis

    I’m a tradie looking for a good knife why don’t u give me one to try and see how lasting it is if your confidence enough

  • SD.

    Ok but a 3 month wait for a box cutter?

  • goodmaninabadtime117

    I got my scars from circumcision.

  • Justin Woodruff
    Justin Woodruff

    Looks like the top shelf special at BIG 5

  • Javier Zárate
    Javier Zárate

    Dude u messed up you should have made it to where it locks when it's half way open. Working in construction I like those kinds theycan give you alot more leverage.

  • God

    Knife nut here, have some suggestions for you! -if you’re looking to make a transparent knife without compromising the sturdiness of the knife and breaking the bank, look into natural G10. -Noticed your pivot washers are plastic, you should upgrade to phosphor bronze washers. They wear much better, way smoother, and can handle a lot more abuse. Also there won’t be any blade play/wiggle. - next you should look into a 4 way reversible pocket clip, and make the clips mounting holes compatible with aftermarket deep carry clips.

  • Fred Lao
    Fred Lao

    Awesome blade .Good job with T7 size body screws they don't strip as easy as t6 on pocket knives . Scales are cool and very functional texture s .

  • Junior Cuellar
    Junior Cuellar

    Can’t wait to get mine in JUNE😀

  • Javi Gonzalez
    Javi Gonzalez

    And I thought you were doing knife reviews.i edc a pm2 lefty. I also keep a razor blade with me because I don't want to cut everything with my pm2

  • Tactical Center
    Tactical Center

    Is it made in USA or China?

  • Karolis P
    Karolis P

    15 bucks?! Dude… Just take my money

  • Shaheer Ahmad
    Shaheer Ahmad

    Ok so am I the only one who noticed the voice in only the left ear at 3:08 ?

  • David Demaree
    David Demaree

    I demand to know at what level it scratches, and no bent test, wth.

  • Richard Recupero
    Richard Recupero

    I'm kinda pissed he didn't scratch this with a razor.

  • William Mclaughlin
    William Mclaughlin

    VR headset durability testing tho?

  • Odie

    I need a non-locking version, also I usually carry a similar kinda knife but it takes a scalpel blade instead.

  • Kylynn Boi
    Kylynn Boi

    That's really good price, I thought it would be like $40!

  • Kylynn Boi
    Kylynn Boi

    0:52 who hasn't?

  • Eater of Crayons
    Eater of Crayons

    That sex bolt joke killed me

  • Ruben van Maanen
    Ruben van Maanen

    Hey, I cant open the knife link

  • szewei1985

    Haha this is better than television advert by a mile

  • Fellow bacon pro
    Fellow bacon pro

    Accident always happend -my friend

  • Thoroughly Wet
    Thoroughly Wet

    I felt that pry-tool cut

  • :

    I was very surprised when I saw the price on this. Manufacturing stuff like this isn't cheap, and you usually see very high markups on custom knives. You have to make a titanium one though.

  • Doctor Corgi
    Doctor Corgi

    "Want to know how I got these scars?" -Joker(The Dark Knight)

  • wil fri
    wil fri

    Sponsored by... Gillette?

  • Albado

    Why razorblades? Those things are cheap and made from bad materials it is not that sharp and will be blunt in a few cuts. If you buy a decent knife you can sharpen it yourself and make it way sharper and longer lasting than this trash

  • Jeff Renman
    Jeff Renman

    this was an infomercial the whole video… He used his popularity which he does have to sell products. Pretty smart.

  • Donald Archer
    Donald Archer

    This is really awesome. I have never seen this before in South Africa... That said, do you ship to South Africa, and how much extra will that be? Also, love the website with 1 product on it! Add to cart... Continue shopping? Ok, I'll order another knife!

    • Donald Archer
      Donald Archer

      yes we have utility knives, and ones that slide in and out. but I haven't seen a foldable one. Then again, I haven't been actively looking for one. Now I definitely want one.

  • Miru Hus
    Miru Hus

    That knife design is so sick 😍

  • R1pperduck

    Mine was in transit a week ago, but i received an email saying it was returned due to insufficient address. My address was on the order, and the email wasn't from jerryrig knife. :(

  • Oni Mashou
    Oni Mashou

    I ordered on January 13th in the US, however, I have yet to receive my knife

  • Unholy Strike
    Unholy Strike

    I got my knife real fast. It is probably the most sturdy folding utility knife I have ever owned. Its the first folding razor knife I have owned that could close with the blade in the long position. I would recommend this to any one in fact I am giving one to my brother.

  • Pocobro.Productions

    3:08 at he sounded like ice bear for a moment...

  • Lucy S
    Lucy S

    How many razor blades have you had in your life

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