How do 'Magnet Triggers' work? - Blackshark 4 Teardown!
The Black Shark 4 Gaming phone has mechanical pop up 'triggers' used during games. But how do they work using only Magnets?! Today its time to take apart the new Black Shark 4 Gaming phone to see how things work from the inside!
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  • Elvis Chibundu
    Elvis Chibundu

    The cheapest gaming Phone that passed a durability test

  • awesomeruben

    While this is a very good powerful phone I do not recommend ever buying it the main reason is after a year of owning a phone made from that company it will no longer get updated also the company doesn't respond to any issues since their last update killed the Black shark 2 since the battery is draining and you can't use it to call people and that was when Black shark 3 was almost releasing up till now they never fix the issue so if you're going to buy this phone make sure you check on every new update that comes out for this phone which will probably be at least 2 or 3 and check if they're worth updating to because the company will one day leave it as a dead phone with a broken update let this be your only warning

  • Gamers Ever
    Gamers Ever

    Hi Jerry I am facing same problem with my ASUS ROG 2 ... When I run a pubg or Google map it suddenly off and when i on the phone it off it salf again and again..... Can you review this problem.....

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    Martin Biju

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    Moein Mirjalili

    Gj Btw, u may wanna teardown the Xiaomi mi 11 lite ( that phone is crazy thin and light ! ) Or poco f3. U know, just saying :) ...

  • Moein Mirjalili
    Moein Mirjalili

    Gj Btw, u may wanna teardown the Xiaomi mi 11 lite ( that's phone is crazy thin and light ! ) Or poco f3. U know, just saying :) ...

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    Laurits Puust

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    • awesomeruben

      But the only heavy issue is the company will only update it for a few months then the final update they add to it breaks the phone they'll leave it broken like they did the Black shark 2 the last update killed the battery and a few other heavy issues and up till now it's never been fixed

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    C Y

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    Joses Ian Salagantin

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  • TechWorld


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